Understanding the Basics: The Best Online Blackjack Sites

We have covered a lot in this “Basics” series of articles, from table etiquette, to betting and to the best blackjack cities around the world. In this article we will focus on the online blackjack casinos that are waiting for your money, singling out the ones with the best perks, the best games and much more.

BetOnline BetOnline

Spin Palace

This is one of our favorites, and it has been for sometime. This is where we spend most of our time playing online blackjack, and we also love the slots on Spin Palace. This casino has been around since 2001 and is one of the biggest online casino names in the world. There are games of blackjack, roulette, craps and much more.

Spin Palace uses Microgaming, and when it comes to Blackjack, you won’t find anything better. We will discuss the details of the blackjack games on Microgaming further down, but the main reason that Spin Palace is our blackjack site of choice, is because of the Spin Palace Loyalty Club. This is a loyalty scheme like no other. It rewards all players for regular play, and can help you out when you’re on a bad run and give you an added boost when you’re on a good run. The margins with online blackjack are very fine, so a loyalty scheme like this goes a long way to helping all players turn a profit.

You will begin at the Blue level as soon as you join Spin Palace, earning loyalty points every time you play. The more you earn, the higher you climb, and if you make it to the highest level then you can earn VIP tickets to sporting events, gifts for you and your family, extra cash-back, extra prizes, extra promotions and much more. Don’t throw your money away trying to make it to this level though, just play naturally and see it as an added bonus if you eventually make it. If not, there are many other levels between Blue and Prive (the final level) which can reward you in a similar way.


As one of the biggest gambling sites in the world, BetFair was always going to be on this list. Their games of blackjack are average, with some better-than-average games also available, but this gets our vote thanks to everything else that is going on. You can use your blackjack winnings on slots, bingo, sports betting, exchange betting and more. There are also exchange blackjack games, which let you bet on the outcome of standard games of blackjack.

Royal Vegas

The reason we didn’t go into detail with Microgaming blackjack above, is because it is also available on Royal Vegas. As with Spin Palace, there is a loyalty scheme here, but it is not as generous. However, the new member bonus is bigger and we also prefer the general layout of the site. The blackjack games are the same, and providing you avoid the Spanish 21 and Pontoon variants, then you will be able to take advantage of what is a very low house edge across the board. Play it simple, don’t be tempted by side bets and Insurance, use Basic Blackjack Strategy and let the loyalty scheme beef-up your earnings and limit your loses, and you can earn a decent profit playing Royal Vegas blackjack.