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Very rarely will you encounter a blackjack player who isn’t interested in gambling on other levels, particular by way of sports betting. In fact, the same applies the other way around as most fans of sports betting also like to dabble at casino gambling and for many who enjoy a occasional visit to the casino, blackjack is often the game of choice.

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This page takes a look at a range of spots betting websites, from those offering tips and predictions that can help you to make money, to the places where you can put those tips and predictions into good use.

The Sports and Games Board at – Two Plus Two is better known for being the leading source of information on the world of poker, the place where all the amateurs and professionals go to read up on the new trends and to swap strategies. This is a great resource for anyone looking to get into poker, but this board in particular is also great for those looking to brush up on their sports betting skills or to read some tips given by professional gamblers. Remember to be wary of such tips though, many of these people operate on the betting exchanges where it is often in their best interests to coax you into taking one of their bets. If you want some tips, then we suggest you look elsewhere, such as at the Fantasy Sports Leader website listed below.

BetFair: BetFair is a leading sporting exchange. An exchange means that rather than betting against the website, you bet against other members, The way it works is that someone, or often a group of people, will “lay” odds for a particular bet, acting as the bookmaker and getting ready to take your bets. If you win then the money comes from them, if you lose then your money goes to them. Betting exchanges are the most popular form of gambling in the modern age and are where millions are won and lost every hour of every day. You can bet on everything from American Football to European Soccer and everything that’s niche, obscure and in-between. They are restricted and will not allow US customers, but they do have all US sports, so if you reside elsewhere then you are welcome to join.

Fantasy Sports Leader: The Fantasy Sports Leader website was setup to cater for fantasy leagues across all American sports, but these days it has expanded into something much bigger. Here you can find all of the news, reviews, previews and even tips on everything from Baseball and Basketball, to Soccer and Golf.

SkyBet: SkyBet is the leading bookmaker across much of Europe. They have by far the best offers and the best customer service of any company out there, and are backed by BSKYB, one of the richest multinational corporations in the world. If you reside in a country where you can open a SkyBet account, then you shouldn’t hesitate to do so. They are an entirely online bookmakers and they also have some extensive poker software, an online casino and a bingo room.

The “Comprehensive” Sports Betting Guide at – This is a comprehensive guide that includes many points and factors in everything you could think of when looking at online sports books. Many similar review sites are biased, guiding you towards only the sites that they have good affiliate deals with, but this one is very honest and open, allowing you to make an educated choice.

A Guide to NFL Betting in 2014 at – This is one of the best NFL betting websites you will ever see, complete with everything you could ever want to know about the NFL and how to exploit the betting market for your financial benefit. If you like to bet big on American Football then check out the site first, you could save yourself some serious money.

Paddy Power: This is an Irish bookmakers, complete with Irish charm and a wicked sense of humor. They are well known for their irreverent style and their outlandish advertising, but they also have some of the best customer service you will find of any sports book and they have a great casino as well, including many games that you will only find on Paddy Power.

The Wizard of Odds on Sports Betting – This is a link and informational site that includes everything there is to know about sports betting. The Wizard of Odds site in general also covers other casino games such as blackjack so feel free to look around if you want to broaden your knowledge on other areas.

Stanford Wong’s Sharp Sports Betting – This website is a companion to Wong’s book on sports betting, looking at it from an analytic point of view and giving you that extra edge over the bookmakers so that you can turn a profit quickly and easily.