Understanding the Basics: Blackjack Etiquette

In this series of articles we aim to push the basics of blackjack so that first-time players don’t need to feel worried about going into a casino and playing blackjack for the first time. In this particular article we’ll focus on blackjack etiquette, what you should and shouldn’t do when playing at a blackjack table.

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The Cards

One of the main rules that you need to follow involves the cards, and whether or not you should touch them. If you are playing what is known as London Deal, which is played in many European casinos, then your first two cards will be dealt face up and you should not touch them. In Nevada Deal, which you will find throughout the United States, they will be dealt face down and you can touch them. These are strict rules and you might be thrown out if you do not follow them, and even in the case of Nevada deals you should try not to touch them too much.

The Bets

One of the main things you need to consider regardless of where you’re playing in the world, is how to treat your bet. Once made, this should not be touched. One of the oldest cheat in the book is to add or remove chips once the hand has begun, so you might be seen to be doing this if you touch your bet. In the event of a Double Down or any other sort of feature that requires an extra bet, place this to the side of the initial bet and not on top of it. In the event of Insurance, there is usually a specific area on the table, often in the middle, that covers this.

Respect the Dealer

The dealer takes a lot of flak, with many players blaming them simply because they’re the ones dealing the cards. They’re there on behalf of the casino, but that doesn’t mean they’re out to rob you blind. They’re just doing their job and should be respected for this. At no point should you shout or abuse the dealer, and at no point should you take your bad streak out on them, or ask them to throw something good your way.

If you’re on a winning streak and play for some time, then you should also consider tossing a chip or two the dealer’s way. This is not required after each hand or each big win, unlike poker it’s not possible for you to win 20x or more you stake in a single game, and all wins are marginal. However, if your luck is consistently in, then show your appreciation for their work by giving them a small tip.

Respect Other Players

As well as respecting the dealer, you should always respect the other players at the table. Show your support when they’re on a bad streak, congratulate them when they win big. Don’t be too vocal and don’t overdo it, especially if they’re not returning the appreciation and seem to want to be left alone, but a few words and a friendly attitude won’t hurt.