How Much do Professional Blackjack Players Earn?

If you have ever thought of getting into blackjack as a career, then you’ve probably asked yourself just how much the professionals earn. This is a risky business and there is no guarantee of winning anything from one day to the next, yet the best of the best are able to regularly turn a profit. It may seem crazy to those who have never played this game at the highest level, but it is possible to win consistently playing blackjack against the house. How much you can win depends on your ability and your stake, but as we shall discover, many professionals are able to rake-in similar amounts every year.

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One group of friends very close to me all decided to go professional in the same year. You have probably heard the saying that a profit of $100,000 is when you know you’ve made it as a blackjack pro. Well, one of these friends made that within his first year. Everything fell into place for him, and as well as his big winnings, he was also able to take advantage of a lot of perks. However, the others in the group didn’t fair as well. One lost close to $100,000 and the others all lost smaller amounts.

Still, they had the bankroll to cover these losses and in time they were able to use them to their advantage. They brokered deals with the biggest casinos for cash rebates. These are generally only given to those who spend big and play regularly. One of them was able to secure a 30% return, which means that if he lost $10,000 in a single day, he would be given $3,000 back.

Playing with these perks and others, all players were able to turn a profit in their second year. The one who had secured a profit initially was able to take another $60,000, whilst the others matched his first year profit and officially made it into the “professional club.” These are far from the best players in the game though, and their names are only known in the right circles.

There are others who claim to have made much more. Don Johnson won $15 million playing at three Atlantic City casinos in about six months, whilst others have claimed earnings of at least $1 million a year. According to many professional players, they can make at least $200 an hour from playing the game at a steady stake, and much more than that if they risk more money.

Of course, the issue with blackjack is that you need to have money to make money, but everyone has to start somewhere. If you’re an aspiring professional then you might not be able to quit your job and play full-time blackjack at a few dollars a hand, but if you play at that amount on a part-time basis, then once you’ve built up a sizeable bankroll and have improved your skills, you might be ready to take a leap into the world of professional gambling.