Virtual Reality Blackjack. The Future of Casino Gambling

In the last few days a virtual realty developer has begun trials of a new product that will allow gamblers to experience the thrills of a casino, without leaving their homes. This is several steps above Live Dealer casinos and is a major advancement for the online gambling industry, but is virtual reality gaming capable enough to move this industry forward?

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The company in question is Lucky VR, who are based in Toronto, Canada. The current setup will allow players to play in a virtual casino that has been created by Lucky VR and offers blackjack tables and other games typically found in a casino. In the future, it is hoped that casinos will transport their own venues into the virtual world, so that whilst some punters play on their machines and tables in Vegas, Reno and elsewhere, others will be playing in the comfort of their own homes. The benefits to the player are obvious, as it will mean Vegas-style gambling without going anywhere near the desert, but this is also huge for the casinos, as it could increase the number of players spending in their casino by tenfold.

Many companies are monitoring this trial closely, and we’ll also be keeping a keen eye on its progress. As things stand, it’s very basic, with somewhat of a Bioshock feel. The tables are beautifully rendered and the games themselves seem to operate well, but the dealers and the other casino guests (they are intent on incorporating a full casino experience, which will include other guests, bartenders, etc.,) could use a little work.

Lucky VR are not the only ones with this kind of software and idea, and this trial could set the wheels in motion for this entire industry. If Lucky VR take a giant leap forward, then the rest of the industry, which has been moving relatively slowly until this point, will do what they can to catch up. Such a movement will mean that although virtual reality has eluded us for many decades, it could arrive in an almost instantaneous flourish.

The UK’s biggest gambling brand William Hill, are also working on virtual reality gambling, albeit based on the sport of horse racing. They are currently developing a product that will recreate live horse races and allow users to experience the race from the perspective of the jockey. The software collects a wealth of data on the race and allows users to feel as if they are right in the middle of the action. The details of how this will be used from a gambling perspective have not been made entirely clear, but it would certainly offer something a little different to the virtual horse races that are currently available on William Hill and other sites.

Technology is moving at a very fast pace and thanks to mobile gambling and other advances, we have already seen this affecting the gambling industry over the last couple of years. However, it seems that the biggest changes are just around the corner, so watch this space and prepare for something spectacular.